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As a large community Village, KNV offers a wide variety of site sizes and positions, both brand new homes and established homes for sale. Currently we are about to release 20 new home sites; some on the prestigious Brisbane Waters Look-out which offer beautiful elevated views of the surrounding area and waterways. Prices vary according to the size and outlook of the site.

As a resident of the Village, you own your home outright. That means that when the time comes to sell, all the money from the sale of the home belongs to you. There are no deferred management fees or commissions payable to the proprietor unless of course you engage the Village to sell the home for you.

So this allows you to gather capital gains over the years without having to worry about anything other than enjoying yourself!

Safety and Security

At KNV, we are proud of the level of safety & security enjoyed by our residents. Effective managers and our boom gate system ensure that the Village is a safe environment for you to live. Our informal community watch program, means that you can live in the Village with safety and security. When you travel on holidays, you can rest easy that your home will be safe and remain undisturbed.


At KNV, the home you purchase is yours forever. Provided fees are kept up to date and other standards which are set out in the residential site agreement and the Act are met, a village can only ask you to leave if there is a change of land use.

At KNV we are zoned to preserve the delicate coastal nature of the land, and as such council has decided that there are few other uses that the land may be put to.

As with all Residential Parks in NSW, a residentís right to occupy the premises under a residential tenancy agreement is a leasehold right only, not a freehold right or other right of an unlimited perpetual nature, and may, in certain circumstances, be terminated.


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